Zhong Xin-sheng, Shenzhen Science and Technology Co., Ltd. was established in the autumn of 2006. Shenzhen, located in the vicinity of the high-speed bridge, the traffic is convenient, has 15,000 square meters of new plants. Our management team, technical staff, quality assurance and production of all personnel a total of about 200 people. Our company mainly engaged in PCB, FPC, HDI, such as double-sided, multilayer processing of drilling services, primarily for the small size advantage, with its strong and for many years engaged in the production of circuit boards, management and technology development to ensure the quality of experience A large number of talents with the industry's most advanced new German import Schmoll 18 million to the 6-axis high-speed high-precision numerical control rig 8, Pegasus, won big (domestic) new 6-axis high-speed high-precision numerical control rig 2 Taiwan and around a set of matching production equipment, facilities and testing equipment. We have a serious and responsible attitude in order to achieve market demand and customer satisfaction. In addition to the well-drilling equipment, precision and stability, we pay more attention to the details of the management and the importance of quality, full participation in quality activities, is the top priority of our work. Zhong Xin-sheng, once established with the customer relationship is bound to do its utmost in goods, quality, price, technology and engineering services to meet customer demand. Because we understand that can only be responsible for building the strength to win the survival of the largest space.

1) Materials Depart.One:auxiliary maternal of drilling house、packing plate(Malaysia)、aluminum sheet(China)、
red(green)film、veins gummed paper、needle gauge(Taiwan)、phenolphthalein board、sandwich board 、dowel male pin、
drilling nozzle、milling cutter(Taiwan)、pressure foot、pressurd brush、colloidal particle、electroplate.
2) Materials Depart.Two:plating flowwline、packaging film、dustproof things、brown paper(stitching special)、
cotton core、carbon core、dummy plug.
3) Machine Maintenance Depart:maintaining any kind of headpieces、drillings and spare parts.
4) Skiving Depart:own 10 sets of mullers(ten type)、4 sets(five type),The machining skiving ability is 60000P every day.
5) Equipment Depart:Automatic feeder machine、Automatic cham fering machine、Automatic dowelhole、Automatic upperring、
suction machine、Automatic muller、Automatic gummed paper machine、Automatic packer、milling board machine、medium double
gate stove.
6) Acid resistant pump:?corrosion proof magnetic drive pump(LFC series)?FCL-Type B acid and alkali proof magnetic drive
pump fitter ?YS series corrosion proof upright pump ∠acid proof alloy snail valve ⊥ZHAB acid proof alloy pump