aluminum sheet


      LuXin Technology Co,Ltd is a prof essional company which emerged as an auxiliary maternal agent factor for the PCB factories.
and drilling factories Years long we think the customers as the God,whole hear tedly service for the customers,regard the
customer'costreduction as tenet,based on our reliable quality have gained many customers' favorable comments
      LuXin Techmology Co,Ltd founded in 1999 Now has owned solid techical force and high grade managing person.All the staff is
united and polite.At present the arimary products in cludes:packing plate(Malaysia)、aluminum sheet、red film(America)、greem、film(Taiwan)、needle gauge(Taiwan)、phenolpthalein board(Taiwan)、dowel male pin(China),as well as catridge and drillparts、Spindle spare parts and maintain、drilling adn rimmed machining services and so on.

1) Materials Depart.One:auxiliary maternal of drilling house、packing plate(Malaysia)、aluminum sheet(China)、
red(green)film、veins gummed paper、needle gauge(Taiwan)、phenolphthalein board、sandwich board 、dowel male pin、
drilling nozzle、milling cutter(Taiwan)、pressure foot、pressurd brush、colloidal particle、electroplate.
2) Materials Depart.Two:plating flowwline、packaging film、dustproof things、brown paper(stitching special)、
cotton core、carbon core、dummy plug.
3) Machine Maintenance Depart:maintaining any kind of headpieces、drillings and spare parts.
4) Skiving Depart:own 10 sets of mullers(ten type)、4 sets(five type),The machining skiving ability is 60000P every day.
5) Equipment Depart:Automatic feeder machine、Automatic cham fering machine、Automatic dowelhole、Automatic upperring、
suction machine、Automatic muller、Automatic gummed paper machine、Automatic packer、milling board machine、medium double
gate stove.
6) Acid resistant pump:?corrosion proof magnetic drive pump(LFC series)?FCL-Type B acid and alkali proof magnetic drive
pump fitter ?YS series corrosion proof upright pump ∠acid proof alloy snail valve ⊥ZHAB acid proof alloy pump


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